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tv   Headline News  RT  July 15, 2014 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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critical issues these. are ready to join the movement and while the. tragedy in the moscow metro up to sixteen people dead more than one hundred injured after a train derails during morning rush hour. first toted from inside the tunnel showing chaos and destruction authorities fear more passengers could be trapped inside the wreckage. also with the palestinian death toll nears two hundred israel agrees to a cease fire with hamas despite the militant group rejecting the plan. known as mr boring in the british media taking over as foreign secretary after an overnight purge of the cabinet ministers. do you really think you have artillery bombardment with constant shelling turning
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once bustling cities into ghost towns. three pm in moscow good to have you with us on r.t. international as we begin today with our breaking news coverage the number of those killed in the moscow metro derailment this morning could be as high as sixteen many passengers are still being rescued from the wreckage more than one hundred sixty confirmed injured during the morning rush hour tragedy this is emergency ministry video from inside the tunnel and you can see wreckage of one of the carriages smashed against the tunnel wall rescuers have been struggling to get people out some passengers trapped by sharp metal debris blocking their way to safety fragments that around the characters are scattered around the tunnel let's get more now live from marty's medina approach you know live for us at the scene at medina
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give us the latest please. right well we are actually at the moment at the spots to the park by be at the metro station which is now let me show you this is the amount of the entrance to the to the matter on this issue one of those a metro stations that was impacted today by the tragic amount a subway tragedy now if you look behind my back over here you can see that there are still lots of for ambulances and emergency crews now there is a emergency bus over there and it really means only one thing that the evacuation process is still under way or here on the prospect of very close to the downtown of moscow and we know that there are actually reports that some of the people might actually still be inside their attack trapped in the tunnel off the moscow metro now the death doll is increasing our free hour as we speak according to the latest reports we're talking about sixteen people now. how to delight in this tragic.
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crash now what we know is that there has been there was their location for the rescue helicopters and some of the people were in critical conditions were transported with the help of those helicopters to the nearest hospital as were doctors who are trying to battle for their lives now the actual accident happened at exactly eight thirty nine am this tuesday morning doing quite a have the rush hour where when every single metro train was really filled with the people trying to get to their offices and to their to their work and now the accident happened and no one actually was prepared for such a sudden stop we know that three metro cars do you really not overturning but still blocking the tunnel between the two stations and really making the overall evacuation process of the passengers rather difficult for the rescue teams now we've seen people getting out of the metro entrance here looking really scared and
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shocked some of the. covered with blood we actually managed to speak to one survivor of the much crash let's listen to him now. with local police and it was clear the train derailed and the carriage in front of us was turned ninety degrees against the tracks a small fire broke out and we had to use two for our extinguishers to put it out there but we broke the door into a neighboring tunnel and some of those people who could move approached metro workers who led us to an elevator on the surface there we met rescue teams and they're asked us to help get people out of the wreckage not the elevator was very small and we used it to move the unconscious and a person who was standing next to me when the tragedy happened hit his head there was a lot of blood and he blacked out some people broke the ribs one person broke their arm many panicked more might help take the injured from the next carriage to the surface many were unconscious and had cuts on their legs it took us some twenty or thirty minutes to get the first engine to their service because all of the rescuers
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arrived or you know. i need to add now that the wife of the passenger there you just heard spend a lot of time here standing very close to this matter entrance not knowing what happened to her husband and that woman was really frightened she couldn't contact him she was trying to get all of her husband but it turned out that he managed to escape from the underground however i need to add that there were many more seriously injured people here and now as i said how the cops were taking the the ones those in critical conditions to the hospitals where we know that sixteen people have died at this point tell us more about the injured. well as i said there are a number of hospitals that are now trying to take care of those people injured and now this morning. crash and we know that over one third. total number
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of passengers on board of that particular train has already been hospitalized with different types of injuries but pretty much if they are suffering from different types of trauma we're talking about stomach traumas chest trauma some of them have their ribs broken so these are just a troll matic injuries that they're suffering from and again at the train that had to stop pretty suddenly of the people not a single person on board of that train was actually ready to face such an emergency stop and the passengers were just flying across the of the car and of course it was a pretty much a mass we managed to find a witness well she is at the moment in a stable condition at the hospital we can now have a listen to what she had to say on what happened to her this morning. but isn't that amazing everyone has trained reagan in the legs out you go there was in that zero two brazen one and then one when opened the door and we had to i think have
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died there was no oxygen. let me show you again and these are the ambulance cars over there with the emergency crews still present here so we do have some conflicting reports at the evacuation process is still underway there might be some people still trapped inside the tunnel between the two stations. and of course medina the latest information just to share with you that we're getting now is that up to nineteen people have now been killed in this tragic incident of course the question that everyone asking is why you tell us more about the investigation. well as you can see just what i said before at the dots all is increasing average minutes just as we speak now in terms of the investigation of course it is under way here in moscow we've got lots of police crews here present we've got the
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investigation in full swing now we do have reports that there has been. the reason why. i had to. stop and that was really prove this crash now we do have lots of buses coming in because of poor man accidents of. the transportation system especially of the downtown in moscow so. trying to somehow work their way with the other passengers that are trying to get to their destinations we do have lots of buses coming in trying to passengers began the investigation is underway and we're going to be here at the very. latest news media question of a live for us with the latest updates. well turning to some of the day's other top stories israel has accepted an egyptian proposal for a ceasefire to end a week of heavy fighting with hamas the militant group earlier rejected the plan as many as one hundred eighty five palestinians the majority of them civilians have
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died since the israeli offensive began harry fear reports from gaza for r.t. . well israel has accepted the ceasefire at nine am local time while hamas has rejected the ceasefire it's polk's person saying that it's not acceptable given that hamas has conditions have not been met for example the lifting of the blockade of gaza hamas is military wing brigades has said that it will increase the intensity and ferocity of its strikes on israel this comes as the israeli army has said that it will says it will cease it strikes on gaza so far today if hamas had accepted the cease fire at this stage it would have struck a blow to the organization given it has not been able to exact real numbers of casualties on israel because of the success of israel's missile interception the iron dome system. almost two hundred palestinians have been killed most of those
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civilians israel's been able to strike the masses rocket launching infrastructure and caused vast damage to the hamas organization here so there are those in israel who say that israel's operation has basically been vastly successful and that israel if hamas would accept a cease fire now would actually be winning for itself in the medium to silence in terms of rocket fire being launched from gaza against israel civilian population in the south of the country we visited one of gaza's specialist hospitals that's one of five medical facilities to have been damaged in this week's worth of violence. after a week of fighting over two thousand two hundred sites have been targeted in gaza with missiles striking hundreds of homes as well as police stations civil administration buildings mosques and hospitals gaza's only rehabilitation hospital took direct hits its director general explained how it became
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a target in the morning we were hit with the first missiles from the. the warning signs that. leave this hospital will destroy a second muscles hurt then within fifteen minutes of third one hit another fifteen min fourth wind came from the rules but we are staying here to help support and protect the patients that they are helpless among the seventeen patients here only a couple were conscious and able to talk to us the rest comas they constitute some of the most severe medical cases inside gaza when the rockets hit was inside the clinic. but the lives of those less known as that of the. normal mohamad. with just one kilometer away from the border with israel and this is where the first news of struck. one of the theory is that israel wants to live up to it knows
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their leaders on you know all of the palestinians. the same their five o'clock missile that hit the hospital they called me we were. larger than the first for the time. to go as a press release the hospital made an emergency appeal for support and got an unexpected response palestinian international activists sitting in as human shields inside the hospital is really doesn't care too much about palestinian lives so it has to be somebody from the outside world somebody from the western world they believe their presence protects the hospital claiming that israel will take measures to make certain that foreigners are not among casualties my presence here is more valuable for. for the international community in the sense that this world cannot territory striking the hospital represents
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a significant low point in this most recent israel hamas escalation the third of its kind. in the last several years but if it's all civilian objects is a grave breach of the geneva convention and might amount to war crimes on the international force because have even a greater level of protection. for example with houses while we were filming at the hospital an airstrike took place just a couple of hundred meters from where we were standing we ran for cover it's a measure of how dangerous this place is that even vulnerable patients find themselves at risk most of the casualties arriving in gaza's hospitals are still noncombatants on the health service is almost at breaking point with staff having to work around the clock harry fear marty gosar stay with us on art
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international more news coming up after this short break. speak your language. programs documentaries in arabic.
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reporting from the world of the interview treat story how you. are a big. visit or a big. thank you for staying with us quarter past the hour now me to philip hammond britain's new foreign secretary having served as defense minister for years he'll now be replacing william hague who's overnight resignation came as something of a surprise so who is he as minister of defense philip hammond has been dubbed by the british media as mr boring he was an accountant put in place to sort out the cash black hole that had been the british military he also figured prominently in many headlines citing his hard line conservative them service ism and apparent opposition to the rights of sexual minorities but most importantly publisher and political activist david lindsay worries he's even more ready for war than his
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predecessor. very hawkish very hawkish indeed even compared to william hague however the comment is not a particularly good record in the sense that he strongly opposed equally strongly to oppose cuts in the defense budget but they happen anyway so it doesn't seem to make a difference but he is very very hot and you can expect to see more of what william that he couldn't quite do in syria and the kind of damage that he did do in respect of libya media has made much ado about how many even skeptic credentials hammons the new phobia as you can see by these headlines were widely known he says that he would vote to leave the european union if a vote to do so ever came along political writer john white things hammond is no loose cannon but the man the man at the prime minister can expect to do as he's told the best way to describe people and is to use a by words and churchill who once described one of his political counterparts as
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a more this man with much to be modest about and full of harmony will be a bit i think he will challenge your comment here because shoes are always issues and that's what david cameron leads as he goes forward to the general election of two thousand and fifteen. william hague won't disappear from the spotlight though he'll stay on in parliament all actions next year and for his legacy he'll undoubtedly be remembered for promoting many recent conflicts the west and gauged in we are now and our allies cannot determine the future of middle eastern countries or dictate who leads them but neither can we be bystanders our values and interests require us to be actively involved we have to confront something that is a war crime something that is a crime against humanity and if we don't do so then we will have to come from to even bigger war crimes in the future iran is ramping up its production of your amy i'm enrichment to levels for which it has no plausible civilian use but which could
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easily and quickly become verted into weapons grade material. always hawkishness it didn't find many buyers william hague's most public failure was inability to convince the british parliament to vote for war on syria that all but torpedo the us plans for the country host of art he's going underground told us what he thinks about hague's legacy could it be foreign policy issues that he was involved in could it be to do with the election strategy of the cameron government he certainly had a very controversial record when it came to anything from ukraine to syria we must remember that william hague found to be lying to bollywood about the ukrainian go institution strings of statements he's been making about russia creating a new cold war that. must warm damascus at all costs. no respite for the eastern ukrainian city of ligaments which reportedly came under shelling again monday night after a day of bombardment. authorities
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and we got support many casualties and bodies still in more of the fighting hasn't died down with anti government forces ambushing a military convoy the remains of which can be seen here parties very few notion is in the center of the city reporting for us from the guns. the situation here on the ground days very dramatic and tensions continue to escalate shelling almost never stops we hear a two sounds over to read day and night and even right and now in the. tanks mortars and multiple rocket launchers known as get out or hail i used there and to government forces to say that degraded troops are getting closer to the city center and they are now not further than ten to twenty kilometers from where we are now doctors are working twenty four seven and the sea team more full death toll is continuing to rise from both sides although it is very hard to say so far how many
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people were killed because the clashes are on to go in and casualties among civilian population are also on a constant rise because residential areas are often. heat we visited many scenes shortly after the shells landed there and the images we saw on the ground were really terrible some of them we cannot even show here meanwhile the government forces claim that they shot down the ukrainian transport airplane they have been saying that it could have been carrying weapons several crew members have been captured it happened not far from where we are now in lugansk region he is confirms that it lost the airplane saying that it was fired at from the russian territory and with all this escalation here in eastern ukraine obviously people continue to leave as you can see the city of the guns is already almost empty and people continue to cross the border into neighboring russia and another airplane
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carrying ukrainian refugees earlier in russia and people say they do not know when or if they will be able to come back more in ukraine civil war on artie's website dot com. a new law on data recording and surveillance goes before the british parliament calls for human rights of campaigners. becoming a louder previous legislation on information security abolish when the european court of justice recognized it as a threat to privacy rights following that ruling mobile phone companies were about to start deleting the data data collected something you could government didn't want to happen. and you well britain's prime minister has put an extra eight hundred million pounds for monitoring operations private. critics fear the new law will expand surveillance powers that time place and number dialed all the data would be kept by mobile companies plus the content of the conversation would be taped internet service providers would detect and record pages their clients visited any information could be stored for up to twelve months or more on this i'm
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joined live by m.p. jeremy corbin. thanks for joining us so do you think the adoption of the law is a foregone conclusion. it has crossed party support even though a number of strongly opposed to it and so the likelihood is that it will probably go through the british parliament at the moment it has a sunset clause to end in two thousand and sixteen the first amendment we have today is to bring that forward too much nearer the introduction but many of us would actually vote against the bill as a whole because we do not believe it's necessary with the. intrusion into people's lives and also in britain is taking for itself a global road in this that it can prosecute any company anywhere in the world if it fails to provide the data that the government requires from it. now of course supporters of the bill say national security concerns what do you say. i say
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there's been a stitch up by the establishment the leaders of the three main political parties in britain have been in talks privately for some weeks now to discuss the arrangements by which this bill could be brought in they are quoting national security really actually goes far beyond any levels of national security if they do have concerns about individuals they can apply for and get a court order to intercept they can apply for and get a court order to get information on that individual but this gives blanket powers to the state to interfere in everybody's mobile phone call or any other data retention for a period of twelve months and that is a massive invasion on a par with the invasion of privacy that has happened in the united states which mr snowden did so much to try and expose to the rest of the world. human rights groups say they'll challenge the law in court do you think they have a leg to stand on there. well they certainly do because the european court ruling
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was quite clear that britain was exceeding its powers in this respect and therefore britain must be bound by that court ruling this is a direct challenge to the european court and so i've no doubts that if this bill goes through parliament today and in the next couple of days and becomes law by the end of this week then there will be legal challenges manty to it and i certainly hope there are because i think we have to be very careful in preventing the state interfering in everyone's privacy and prevents this globalization of powers to any one country we would certainly have ject of other countries did the same and start demanding information from british companies well two things. would have to be dealt with together and i think we should not be taking these global powers onto ourselves all right british m.p. jeremy korb in fact spare time. ok. more information to give you about our breaking news story at least twenty people
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now have been killed when three metro cars in the russian capital twelve bodies remain in the tunnel and it's believed there could be more passengers trapped more than one hundred sixty people have been injured in this tragedy this is the first video from inside the tunnel you can see the twisted wreckage of the carriages a rush hour power cut because of the train's emergency braking system to be activated ending with the carriages de railing some eyewitnesses say they waited for an hour in their wagons before breaking out into the tunnels fifty ambulance crews are on the scene and helicopters are airlifting the most seriously injured to the hospital stay with us for all the latest updates about this incident on the moscow metro. breaking the set time your way next stay with us.
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technology innovations all the developments around russia. as you have heard. list. i marinate join me on. that impartial and financial report commentary interview and much much. only on the bus and. play. live play. live live live. live
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live. plus talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want to. live. you know she good leverage sure kirby was able to build the needs most sophisticated which on certainly doesn't begin with doing the sound anything to nj mission to teach creation and why you should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dog.
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was up guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking sat so last week two animal rights activists were indicted on federal charges for committing an egregious act of terrorism on u.s. soil that's right tyler lying and have an oligarch used to free in two thousand foxes a mink from a midwest for farm and that's about all their crime entails so one can hardly equate freeing animals from being murdered with terrorism and government agencies working to protect corporate interests see things a little differently on the animal enterprise terrorism act langen all of animal activism is an act of terrorism so last month i spoke to journalist well potter about how such an act even came into being. immediately after september eleventh these industries started pushing for terrorism powers to be used against protesters and what they had won a prize terrorism act it's so vague and so broad that according to its supporters including democrats it can be used against nonviolent civil disobedience and to me that's really how this is all expanded it's gone from we need this to go after
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arsonist in vandals to now we need it to go after nonviolent civil disobedience. yes unfortunately in a post nine eleven world anti-terrorism measures have even been expanded for giant factory farms so as the old saying goes first they came for the muslims i didn't speak out because i was not a muslim then they came for the animal rights activists and i didn't speak out because i was not an animal rights activists and they came for me and there's no one left to speak for me i expect that. the pieces look ok it was terrible to say the i'm very sorry to take a. chance again long here is a plot that you never had sex with that hurt their lives that's all it was. staged.